Profession System Added to Florensia

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alaplaya, the leading international free-to-play gaming portal, today announced the addition of a new “Profession System” to maritime fantasy MMORPG Florensia. Arriving today as part of an overall expansion to the free-to-play game, characters in Florensia can now get to work on one of four available professions: Armor-smith, Weapon-smith, Goldsmith, or Alchemist. Hard work in these practical pursuits will enable players to craft helpful weapons, accessories, and potions to keep them afloat during their high-seas adventures.

Fishing Florensia

Each of the four professions in Florensia is divided into five skill levels, from beginner all the way to expert. Excelling in one’s chosen field will allow players to craft bigger and better goods, assuming they’ve managed to recover enough ingredients from the marauding foes that populate the lands and seas of Florensia. If a player finds a job unfulfilling, thankfully, they are able to drop their profession and start fresh with a new one at any time.

For more information on getting to work in the world of Florensia, visit the official site at

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