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Fill Up

You have just inherited an old, run-down gas station from your family and must now transform it into a top-of-the-line service station! Build, demolish, upgrade, and service to accomplish specific tasks and prove yourself a worthy owner in this fantastic Time Management game.Gamersgate New Releases 21 December 2011 Become the best gas station in town, and master the art of car service to walk away with the coveted Service Cup in Fill Up!


  • Unusual upgrades

  • Fast-paced gameplay

  • Expand your gas station!


Ground Control Simulator

In the simulator Ground Control 2011 you manage the everyday tasks of an airport ground control crew. You take direct control over the vehicles and operate them in the different missions by yourself. Your tasks belong to the typical areas of the airport; the hangar, the maintenance hall, the parking place or the airfield. You take care of refueling the airplanes, loading the luggage or the save transport of the passengers to the plane. The better and faster you fulfill your tasks the more points will you get for the missions. Of course you can control the vehicles without time pressure through the airport in the free game as well.Features:

  • 5 different settings

  • 20 challenging missions and free game

  • Different vehicles of the airport ground control crew


Tiefbau Simulator

In dem Simulations-Spiel „Tiefbausimulator 2011“ steuern Sie selbst die verschiedenen Fahrzeuge auf einer Baustelle und erledigen die vielfältigen Aufgaben, die dort täglich anfallen. In unter-schiedlichen Szenarien bauen Sie beispielsweise einen Deich oder errichten Wellenbrecher, um eine Insel vor der Flut zu schützen.


  • verschiedene Szenarien

  • unterschiedliche, steuerbare Baufahrzeuge und Minispiele

  • 20 herausfordernde Missionen und freies Spiel

  • Hoher Wiederspielwert dank Achievement-System


Postal 3

Good or Insane? The choice is yours.Following the Apocalyptic end to the Postal Dude’s week in Paradise, we follow him and his insane pitbull Champ as they emigrate to it’s appropriately named sister city, Catharsis. Unfortunately, due to the Global Economic Meltdown, psychotic left-wing “Green” extremism and hypocritical Government corruption, it turns out Catharsis isn’t a much better place to live.What path will you choose when faced with the antics of a hypocritical scheming Mayor? A berserk cartoon mascot with Al Qaeda ties? A former Vice-President’s cadre of Eco-Zealots? How about Gay Segway “biker” gangs, and a sociopathic cult leader Uncle with nuclear ambitions? Will you give in to your base instincts and fight fire with gasoline? Or will you rise above it to become something more, to serve and protect your fellow citizens from the rampant insanity of our modern society?Key features:

  • Edgy, satirical Running With Scissors sense of humor

  • A world of twisted parody inspired by real people, events and philosophies

  • Large, detailed, interactive environments

  • Crazy POSTAL style Vehicle gameplay

  • NPC’s react to your behavior in a variety of surprising ways

  • Multiple story paths determined by your behavior

  • Celebrity characters: Super porn star Ron Jeremy, Village People Cowboy Randy Jones, Internationally hated film director Uwe Boll and Playboy Playmate Jennifer Walcott

  • Appearances by other popular Running With Scissors character franchises: Krotchy, Champ and the Postal Babes, who will fight along side you (or sometimes against you!)

  • Insane new gameplay including the Helper Monkey, Grenade Cats and the BadgerSaw

  • Kill Uwe Boll! (or save him!)


Saints Row The Third - Warrior Pack

The Warrior Pack adds four combat-ready outfits to your wardrobe. Antiques never go out of style with the Knight of Steelport Armor, or go for something a little more revealing with the Warrior Princess outfit. Bring out your inner samurai with the Kabuki Warrior Outfit or choose the Intergalactic Warrior Outfit for an out of this world look.




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