Coming Early 2012 Legendary Heroes The First Action Real Time Strategy Game For Mobile Platforms

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Action Real-Time Strategy games have conquered many followers over the last couple of years, the time since the first commercial products in the genre were released for the PC. Maya GamesLegendary Heroes is now preparing to release, on early 2012, the first Action Real-Time Strategy game for mobile platforms, Legendary Heroes.

With versions for iPhone, iPod and iPad, Legendary Heroes will be available on the Apple Store at the beginning of 2012. In the game, two teams of heroes wage war, one being controlled by the player and the other by his adversary. 

All heroes are unique personalities, with stories, themes and appearances drawn from ages and cultures across the world. Every player must choose which heroes to train and how to specialize them, creating his own, unique team to beat the enemy. But forming your team is only the first half of the experience, as the player must then control them through the action-packed battles.


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