Step-By-Step Guide For Setting Up myPES

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PES 2012 Facebook connectivity with myPES will be available for all PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC users. With myPES you can keep track of all online and offline matches between two human players.

1. First, install the myPES app on Facebook: After that, create your myPES account - write down your myPES username and password because you’ll need it later!

mypes login

2. To connect PES 2012 with the myPES Facebook app, you need to download the free PES 2012 update - this is available for your console on the PES 2012 release day.

Without installing the update, you won?t be able to use myPES!

mypes update

3. After installing the free PES 2012 update, go to "Personal Data" settings in the main menu.

Mypes setup screen

4. Select your Personal Data profile.

mypes roster

5. Open the "Facebook Settings"

mypes facebook settings

6. Add the myPES username and myPES password which you have registered in the myPES Facebook app before. Set "Upload Stats Data" to ON.

If you don’t have a myPES username and password yet, visit to register!

mypes registration

7. When you play a match in PES 2012, you and your friend need to select your respective Personal Data profiles.

Important: For myPES to work, both players need to own a myPES account and have their myPES data added to their Personal Data profiles!

mypes player choice.

8. Once you’ve finished (and hopefully won your PES 2012 match, the game results will be uploaded to myPES.

Remember that your console needs to be online in order to send match data to myPES. On PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, you need to be logged in to PlayStation Network or Xbox Live!

mypes update

9. Your game data has now been added to myPES!

In myPES you can keep track of your PES 2012 results and share them with your Facebook friends.

mypes interface

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