The Lord of the Rings Online Devs Give Glimpse into Update 5 Armies of Isengard

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Update 5 for The Lord of the Rings Online is coming soon, and it adds five new instances to the game. In total, there are three new three-man instances, one six-man and one 12-man, and each of these instances will continue the ongoing story in Rise of Isengard. In an effort to find out more, Turbine community team member Kyle Horner sat down with a handful of LOTRO designers to discuss the trials and tribulations faced by them as designers – and the ones they themselves were designing for players to face, as well.

The developers at Turbine sat down for a large Developer Roundtable to talk all things Update 5: Armies of Isengard.

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Participants in this (admittedly large) Developer Roundtable include: Content Design Manager Derek Flippo, Senior Content Designer Jared Hall-Dugas, Senior Content Designer Joseph Barry, Worldbuilder Dan Ouellette, Content Designer Bob Hess and Web Content Developer Kyle Horner. 

Kyle "FordyTwo" Horner:
 Who’s working on Fangorn’s Edge? It sounds kind of like a survival mode.

Jared "Amlug" Hall-Dugas: 
You might call it a tribute to Frogger … [Laughs]

Kyle: I was taking you seriously for a moment there.

Jared: Well, it kind of is… but it’s not really. The idea is you-

Derek Flippo:
 Don’t ever do that. 

Jared: What? 

Derek: [Points at Jared] Take you seriously. 

Kyle: I know, but it’s fun to humor him.

Jared: [Laughs] The idea is basically you’re running up through a lumber camp, the orcs are cutting down parts of Fangorn to fuel their war machine and create all their siege weaponry. Players need to avoid the main path because there’s an army of orcs, so they have to dodge in-between traffic to get where they need to be, essentially.

Read more at the official LOTRO Community.

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