A Guide to Traits and Deeds in The Lord of the Rings Online

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What are Traits & Deeds?

Deeds are like "special goals" that reward your character with a title, skill, Turbine Points, or trait. For this guide, we’re focusing on the trait aspect of Deed rewards.

By the time your character reaches the level 10-20 range you’ll begin to discover Deeds that, upon completion, unlock traits.

Traits panel in LOTRO

Finding & Earning Traits!

To start, you’ll want to know how to check up on your traits, and the easiest way to do this is by opening the Traits panel by pressing "J" on your keyboard. There are four types of traits; Virtues, Race, Class, and Legendary.

Virtue Deeds & Traits

In the screenshot below, the numbers attached to each Virtue icon denotes that Virtue’s rank, which caps out at rank 10 – the higher a Virtue’s rank, the better its benefits become.

 Virtue traits are unlocked and "ranked up" by completing Deeds inside specific areas found throughout Middle-earth (i.e. Bree-land, North Downs, Evendim, etc); in addition to this, Virtue ranks can be purchased from the LOTRO Store -- more on this method in a moment.

Advancing Virtue Ranks

There are two ways to advance a Virtue’s rank: by completing the requirements of a Deed associated with said Virtue, or by purchasing a +1 rank advancement tome in the LOTRO Store.

Not Earned
(A Virtue with a gold ring icon can be advanced through completing a Deed.)
(Virtues that are equipped won’t display a ring, regardless of whether or not you can earn more ranks via Deeds)

To advance a Virtue without a gold ring icon, you have two options: wait until you discover the area where the Virtue’s associated Deed can be completed (usually, you’ll just need to progress further into LOTRO) or buy the Virtue ranks via the LOTRO Store. Let’s cover these two methods.

Virtue Advancement via Deed Completion

In the Traits panel, select the "Virtues tab," and then hover the mouse cursor over a Virtue for a pop-up explanation of the trait.

Once you’ve located a Virtue that you want to advance, click on the Virtue icon.

This will open both the Deed Log and LOTRO Store – for now, we’ll close the LOTRO Store and focus on the Deed Log:
In the above example, this character has almost completed the Wisdom Virtue’s Deed; if this player finds "Echad Sul" in The Lone-lands, Wisdom will rank advance to rank 2, and a bonus of 5 Turbine Points will be automatically added to their LOTRO account. This example Deed happens to be an exploration type, but Deed objectives vary, and sometimes you may need to complete quests or slay enemies!

Tip! If you do decide to focus on completing a Deed, you can add it to your quest tracker!

Virtue Advancement via the LOTRO Store

The LOTRO Store can also be used to earn and advance Virtues. At any level, you can open the Traits panel ("J" key), select the Virtues tab, and then click on a Virtue to immediately open its corresponding page in the LOTRO Store:

•    This will not remove your ability to complete the Deed for this (or any) Virtue; utilizing the LOTRO Store to advance a Virtue will do only that – advance the Virtue.
•    Once you’ve reached rank 10 with a Virtue (either via the LOTRO Store or Deed completion) that Virtue will become capped out, no longer capable of being advanced by either method. However, you can still complete the associated Deed.

Race Deeds & Traits

The four playable races in LOTRO (Man, Hobbit, Dwarf and Elf) each have a unique set of racial traits. These Race Traits are mostly unlocked by slaying a set amount of mobs found throughout the game world.

Like with the Virtues tab, a race trait bearing the gold ring icon can be completed – however, race traits have no rank advancement.

To see how you can progress a race trait that bears a gold ring icon, click on the trait to bring up its Deed log entry:

In the above image, this character is working on completing the "Enmity of the Hillmen" Deed. By holding your mouse cursor over the blue progress bar (in the highlighted space above), it’s possible to see how many remaining mob slays are required.

Accelerating Race Deeds

Some Deeds – like Race Trait Deeds – can be significantly sped up with Deed Accelerators, available in the LOTRO Store. 

To quickly locate Deed Accelerators, click on the "Accelerate" button in your Deed Log:

After clicking the Accelerate button you’ll be presented with this page:

•    When bought, a Slayer Deed Accelerator drops directly into your inventory bags.
•    While under the effects of a Slayer Deed Accelerator, each enemy slain is counted as two for the deed.
•    Slayer Deed Accelerators effectively cut Slayer Deed completion time in half!

Class Deeds & Traits

When unlocked and equipped, Class Traits round out your playstyle – e.g. Hunters can maximize damage output; Minstrels can improve their healing, etc. To unlock Class Deeds you simple have to use your Class skills a set number of times.

The best way to learn about Class Deeds is to open your Traits panel ("J" key) and select the "Class" tab:

Class Trait Panel Breakdown

There are three "Trait Sets" for each class in LOTRO. Additionally, each Trait Set has nine available traits. The above image shows eight class traits for the Warden’s "Way of the Spear," but notice the Trait Set Bonuses panel on the right:

This Warden (in the above image) has three class traits equipped, granting them the first two Trait Set Bonuses for Way of the Spear class traits. It’s important to equip class traits from the same group to gain their set bonuses, as the set bonuses offer very useful boosts!

Class Trait Advancement

Open the Traits panel ("J" key), select the Class tab, and then click on the trait you’re interested in advancing – this will open the Deed Log entry for that particular class trait:

Here, you can see what class skill must be used to unlock the desired class trait. Additionally, you can choose to accelerate the advancement of this Deed from the same window:
Clicking on the "Accelerate" button opens the LOTRO Store; from here you may need to navigate to the correct page, as Slayer Deed Accelerators and Class Deed Accelerators fall under the same category:
There are a variety of Class Deed Boosts available for purchase, so take your time in deciding which is best for your play-style:

•    When using a "Class Deed Boost," for the duration of its effect, each class skill used is counted twice towards completing a Deed.
•    Class Deed Boosts also unlock the daily skill Deed limit for the length of their effect.

Legendary Traits & Deeds

Legendary Traits cannot be unlocked until you’ve reached level 39. The next thing to know about Legendary Traits is they’re Class-specific, you can think of them as an extension of Class traits.

However, there’s an important difference: Class traits are largely earned by using class skills, while Legendary traits are earned by first acquiring, and then completing, special Deeds.

When you’re ready to start earning Legendary traits, find your class trainer. They’ll have three books to sell (if you have trouble finding them, use the "book" filter). Once purchased, these three books won’t show up in your inventory. Instead, they automatically add the three Legendary Deeds to your Deed Log.

All three "level 39" Legendary Trait Deeds are received by finding "book pages," which drop randomly in different areas (more on this in a moment).

Remember: The first three Legendary Trait Deeds cannot be progressed unless you’ve reached level 39 and purchase the three "Legendary Trait" books from your class trainer. 

To complete these three Deeds you must find the pages of each book, which only drop off humanoid mobs. The first four pages of each book all drop in both Angmar and Eregion, and the final four pages drop in the Misty Mountains and Forochel – since both work, I would recommend Forochel. 

As you can see, a lot of work goes into unlocking all seven Legendary traits; thankfully, LOTRO has wonderful community guides that go into greater detail for first-timers looking to earn their Legendary traits.

Equipping Traits

You’ll need to find a bard non-player character (NPC) to equip any traits you’ve unlocked. The easiest way to do this is by pressing the "M" key on your keyboard, which opens the in-game map:

In the image above the "Filter Map Notes" drop-down menu has been highlighted in red. Click "Filter Map Notes" and select bard (select "Clear All" to remove other map notes, if you like):
Now you can find bards the surrounding area:
When you’re near a bard, the same icon will also appear on your mini-map:
And, because they love attention, you can also find the bard icon floating over any bard NPC:
Click on a bard to open their dialog window, then select "Manage Your Traits" to continue:
Next, you’ll be presented with the "Trait Trainer" panel:
On the right-hand side of the Trait Trainer panel you’ll find tabs that organize all earned traits into their four categories. To equip your earned traits, drag them from the right-side of the Trait Trainer panel onto any available slots – remember, however, that your trait slots open up as you level. It also costs money each time you equip traits, so try to decide on a set you like and stick to it for a while, or else you may find your money lower than expected!

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