Silent Hill: Downpour Information on Weapons, Interface, Enemies and Weather

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The Playstation Blog’s Sid Shuman recently spoke with Devin Shatsky who is Producer on the upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour and some of the game’s details were revealed.

Unlike previous Silent Hill titles, weapons and inventory will be more based in reality. You’ll be limited to what you can carry in your hands and a holstered weapon, no more unending arsenal in your possession. Weapons will be breakable and are normal, everyday items like shovels, rakes and kitchen knives. No katanas they say.

Downpour details

The HUD has been done away with and instead replaced by character animations that will give you an idea as to your health, bleeding, limping, torn clothing and the like will be your main indication of how your character is doing.

This time round, as Murphy, you are not a highly-trained Special Ops guy. You’re playing just a regular guy and as a regular guy you won’t have super powers and will probably need to (gasp!) run from danger at times.

Of course, this brings the question of combat. There will be far less of it than there was in Silent Hill Homecoming and it will be balanced with exploration and other things that maintain the suspense levels.

In regards to enemies, Pyramid Head and the Puppet Nurses won’t be coming back. In fact, it sounds like it will be all new enemies because they are tied directly to Murphy’s background. A major departure from Homecoming. There will, of course, be fog and since it’s called Downpour, water. Devin stated that there is a dynamic weather system and when the weather gets ugly, the enemies come out and play, so that would be a good time to run for cover and wait out the storm.

the Fog!

In Downpour it’s all about exploration and so the locked door trauma of some previous games has been cured and it offers a lot of side quests that are triggered simply by entering a room. The rewards for these? Backgorund information and lore was cited as one example.

Sound was a big question as Akira Yamaoka is gone. For audio it’s now Nathan McCree of Tomb Raider fame and the soundtrack is by Dan Licht. That name look familiar? That means you’re a Dexter fan as he scores that series.

On a side note, we also signed up Korn to perform the title song for Silent Hill Downpour. It’s not a heavy metal sound, it’s a very different sound for Korn. They’ve actually sort of changed gears lately in terms of their sound. But they’re only doing the intro song, not the in-game music.

More details will surely be revealed as the release date inches closer.

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