XBLIG Gets Policy Changes for Bigger File Size, Different Pricing, More Titles per Developer

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The Xbox LIVE Indie Games community is seeing some new year’s changes. First up, the larger file size which was formerly 150MB and is now 500MB through the App Hub (formerly Xbox LIVE Indie Games policy changesthe Xbox LIVE Indie Games). That is a rather sizable change and could mean for some really excellent new games from that group of developers.

New limit for 80 point games

Formerly, any game over 50MB had to be priced at 240-400 Microsoft points. But now, with the new file limits they have changed it to 150MB meaning that anything below that can now be 80MSP while anything larger needs to hit the higher price points.

More titles per developer

The last change affects a fewer number of developers. Originally developers were limited to just eight titles on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. When Creators Club became App Hub, they’ve raised the limit up to ten. Now, they are raising this limit up to twenty titles per developer. That could make for a lot of great games because I know some developers that ran out of slots already but still had some great game ideas yet, so get cracking!

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