Chess Game and Vocabulary Skills Join Together To Create Brain Swaggle

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Requiring the strategy of a chess game and the vocabulary skills of a word game, the new "Brain Swaggle" online game is gaining a reputation amongst teachers, caregivers, and evenBrain Swaggle medical professionals as a fun and effective way to hone brain fitness.

When a player logs into the game, the Brain Swaggle game board appears with a game piece for the player and computer. In order to move a game piece, the player must build a word before the computer does by taking turns choosing one letter at a time. Each new letter chosen must continue to build a valid word when added to all previously given letters. However, each turn can change your word, causing you to adjust and rethink a new strategy. The player that completes a word first gets to move his or her game piece. Game pieces move in accordance with the number of letters in the word.

Each letter must be added within a specific amount of time. If a player’s time runs out or an invalid word is submitted, the game piece is moved back two spaces. Players can set the minimum number of letters to be used in creating words as well as the time limit for adding each letter. The first player to reach the end of the board wins.

To watch a game play tutorial, click here:

Interested parties can try a seven-day free trial at and then opt for a three-, six- or 12-month subscription

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