PC 320 Presents Gaming Headset That Adjust To Your Head

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Audio specialist Sennheiser has teamed up with World Champion Counterstrike team mTw to create the PC 320, a new comfort and sound experience for PC gamers. Sweat is a thing of PC 320 Gaming Headsetthe past with the new headset. Its innovative design ensures that air flows through the headset to the ears, while allowing built-up heat to escape. As a result, the PC 320 can be worn with ease and comfort for hours of intense gaming. 

The headset’s soft earpads are mounted on CircleFlex Earcups, a new Sennheiser innovation, which ensures the ear pads can rotate around their base, and instantly adjust to the ears.

The extra comfort and performance is a combination of ergonomics, use of softer materials and new technology. Research into human listening behavior has also given the engineers the idea to move the primary controls away from the cord, and into the ear cup. This means the volume can be controlled via a simple touch on the ear cup.

Sennheiser’s successful mute technology is being carried across to the PC 320 from high-end gaming headsets.  

The PC 320 is part of the Sennheiser Gaming Series, which has been developed to provide gamers with a sound so detailed that they are able to hear even footsteps of other players in-game, just like in real life. The PC 320 also features a pro noise-canceling microphone, which ensures that only words spoken by the gamer are sent back over the microphone, while most background noise from the room is cancelled out.




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