RISK Factions Is Live On Facebook

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Yesterday EA announced that RISK: Factions for Facebook is live. Based off of the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions that came out in 2010, RISK: Factions for Facebook is a Risk Factions Logostrategy game that is pretty hilarious to play - the team re-imagined the classic board game (did I mention zombies, donkey cannons and mermaids on segways?) while maintaining strategic thinking as the core gameplay.

RISK: Factions for Facebook also provides a truly competitive PvP experience with a winner and a loser – a feature rarely found in social games. It is also one of the few Facebook games that does not include an energy system.

Fans of the classic game will find familiar features in the RISK: Factions game, such as dice based combat, iconic maps, and the player turn sequence of reinforcing troops, attacking and fortifying territories. RISK: Factions game can be played several ways on Facebook, including dominating the world in single-player mode, claiming victory against Facebook friends in player-versus-player mode, and taking part in “friendly fire” against random gaming fanatics on Facebook. And with Leaderboards, players can see how their combat skills stack up against friends and other players around the world as they claim their rightful place at the top. 

RISK: Factions can be played on Facebook at: http://apps.facebook.com/riskfactions.

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