Steam Updates and Releases 12 January 2012

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Trine 2 Update Released

Major changes:

  • The Final Chapter (end boss) now restarts properly (boss health) upon Game Over on Medium and Hard difficulties
  • Private Game password support in multiplayer
  • private lobby with no password is visible to Friends only
  • private lobby with a password is visible to everyone but only joinable with the correct password


  • fixed cursor being hidden when text chat is active
  • fixed Thief’s object pushing when the bow is drawn
  • fixed experience orb spawn related to frozen goblin archers being shattered
  • fixed weapon animation context information missing when visiting the inventory (resulting in a wrong animation for the Hammer)
  • fixed minor issue with health item rotations upon spawn
  • fixed goblin archers sometimes shooting through breakable objects
  • fixed the Knight’s Charge so that it doesn’t always destroy certain objects (e.g. Wizard’s Plank)


  • added text about wanting to change characters in multiplayer
  • fixed characters being changed in a multiplayer game upon Game Over
  • fixed player slot count being incorrect in the server list when players are connected but not spawned


  • Polish: fixed Upgrade points amounts


  • tweaked co-op camera in The Story Begins
  • tweaked co-op camera in Forlorn Wilderness
  • tweaked co-op camera in Mudwater Dale
  • tweaked co-op camera in Mosslight Marsh
  • tweaked co-op camera in Petrified Tree
  • tweaked co-op camera in Shadowed Halls
  • tweaked co-op camera in Hushing Grove
  • tweaked co-op camera in Mushroom Caves
  • tweaked co-op camera in Mushroom Murk
  • tweaked co-op camera in Searock Castle
  • tweaked co-op camera in Eldritch Passages
  • tweaked co-op camera in Icewarden Keep
  • tweaked co-op camera in The Final Chapter
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Forlorn Wilderness
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Mosslight Marsh
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Petrified Tree
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Shadowed Halls
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Hushing Grove
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Mushroom Caves
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Mushroom Murk
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Eldritch Passages
  • tweaked singleplayer camera in Icewarden Keep
  • tweaked collisions in Shadowed Halls
  • tweaked collisions in Eldritch Passages
  • tweaked the lowering platform in Forlorn Wilderness to work with the grappling hook when using a gamepad


  • fixed some graphics bugs (shaders)
  • fixed font issues (losing the outline during cinematics etc)
  • fixed audio sample rate changing
  • fixed some focus issues
  • fixed mouse wheel so that it can be set for character change

Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Updates Released


Updates to Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)

  • Limit the effective FOV of players using wide-screen resolutions with aspect ratios wider than 1.85:1. The sv_restrict_aspect_ratio_fov ConVar can be changed to remove the restriction or make the restriction also apply to full-screen players.

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed Cp_Foundry not ending the map in the middle of a round when mp_timelimit is hit
  • Fixed the Spy saying ’Prego’ for one of his ’Thanks!’ lines
  • Fixed incorrect player animations for the Buff Banner and the Battalion’s Backup
  • Fixed some cases where strange Ullapool Cabers and wrenches would fail to correctly count kills
  • Improvements for client stability
  • Updated the localization files
  • Crafting changes:
    • Added crafting recipes for weapons introduced during the holiday update
    • When selecting items for use in crafting, the items selected will show their quality in addition to the item name
    • Ellis’s Cap can now be used as a crafting reagent
  • Item changes
    • Added The Lucky Shot helmet
    • Added The Killer Exclusive to the Mann Co. store
    • Added Mask of the Shaman to the item drop list
    • Fixed particle display problems for items with multiple effects
    • Fixed the Dr. Whoa paint not drawing correctly for the Blue team
    • Updated the Desert Marauder and the Villain’s Veil so they can be equipped together
    • Updated the Fancy Dress Uniform and the Kringle Collection so they can be equipped together
    • The Bombinomicon no longer shakes the screen and has a delay before the explosion so that Snipers, Spies, and others can get better feedback on the actual cause of death
    • The Bazaar Bargain functionality has changed: only one stored head is lost on a miss or a bodyshot and no heads are gained when missing while crit-boosted

War Inc. Battlezone Updated



  • You can now switch between camera that has aim in the middle of the screen or above center of the screen from Options screen. Be default it is set to center.

  • Moved SMG to Secondary slot (was in Primary)

  • Added collector’s edition (offer will be shown to you randomly at the start of the game, also it will be available shortly in our web store)

  • New weapon sounds for AKS74U and Bizon

  • Fixed lag when new player joins the game

Bug fixes:

  • You can no longer change weapons while sprinting

  • Adjusted camera offset when switching camera left
    ight side

  • Fixed bug with footsteps playing while jumping

  • When in UAV Mode, the game now correctly updates game score

  • Fix for a problem where shooting and then changing weapons caused the light to remain. Now when you change weapons the light is disabled.

  • Fixed spectator mode not showing players in correct teams

  • Fixed bug that ping wasn’t showing when in spectator mode

  • Fixed mines not triggering properly

  • Fixed big map not showing flagsenemies.

  • Set chat input limit to 128 characters

  • Fixed bug when you were able to fire all bullets at the same time

  • Fixed bug when scoping and firing causing a camera to tilt up

  • Fixed bug when sometimes player would jiggle wildly next to the wall

  • Don’t give any rewards for team kills except for team kill penalty.

  • Fixed bug with picking up RPG and not being able to deal any damage

  • Fixed bug when crouching you can clip wall and see through it or even shoot through it

  • Fixed AFK timer for Sabotage games

  • Fixed bug that was allowing to switch weapon while placing mine

  • Allow to spawn UAV if it was destroyed in pre-game phase

  • Weapon upgrades disabled in sabotage games

  • Fixed bug showing 5000 GD in welcome package.

  • Fixed bug that player was able to jump on almost vertical surfaces

  • Auto join to next map will not join players to custom games anymore


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