New Horizontal Controller For The Old Break Out Type Games

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Bit Trade One, LTD releases USB paddle controller "Horizontal Controller".
This device is designed to play with old "Break out type" games.Horizontal Controller

This controller has 1 paddle and 2buttons.
At default setting, paddle rotation is related to mouse movement of left and right.
Two buttons are related to mouse click of left and right.
And this controller does not require any special driver. It operates perfectly with normal USB driver.
So you can use immediately to play "Break out type" games.

But this device is not for only gaming.
You can change function of paddle and buttons by setting tool that is very easy to use.

These functions can be related to paddle and buttons.

  • Mouse move, Up, Down, Right, Left

  • Mouse left click, right click, wheel click

  • Mouse Wheel up and down

  • Keyboard every key, which can be combined short cut keys (’Ctrl’ / ’Alt’ /’Shift’ /’Win’)

  • Volume Control Up, Down, Mute

And also you can adjust response of paddle in between 1% to 100%.
These settings are memorized to Horizontal Controller, so you should set only once.

Because of this high scalability, this paddle type interface should be very useful to your specific job.
Video edit, music listening, drawing and painting, etc…

Horizontal Controller is build up with high quality parts.

  • Rotary encoder resolution is 200 and very smoothly rotation.

  • Button is made by Seimitsu Kougyou which is very famous company in field of arcade game parts.

  • High quality aluminum metal knob is used.

  • Silicon case will just fit on your hand.

This product can be bought in this site.

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