New Update Now Available For Dungeon Fighter Online

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Male Fighter advances his way to ”Dungeon Fighter Online” greatness

Nexon’s side-scrolling action brawler “Dungeon Fighter Online” has seen a major testosterone boost these past few weeks with the introduction of the Male Fighter. The latest Dungeon Fighter Onlinecharacter class to adorn the “DFO” roster has roundhouse-kicked his way to Arad stardom, and he’ll soon prove to be unstoppable with January’s class awakening update now available.

Players who have advanced their Male Fighters to Nen Master can expect to see a full awakening in the form of the Nen Conduit. This ability allows the Nen Master to strike the Nen flow where it is weakest, inflicting critical damage and lowering resistance to magic in enemies. When executed, the Nen Conduit increases magic critical rates and lowers enemies’ defense for a significant time. With the Nen Master awakening the Lion of Suju follows, another critical skill that summons a giant fiery lion that ends his attack with a fierce explosion.

The Male Fighter who has advanced to the Brawler subclass can experience an intense awakening with the Thousand Hands skill. Just like the Thousand-Handed Buddha from ancient times, the skill increases the load capacity and flying distance of throwing skills, and decreases their cooldown. In turn, the Brawler’s Cursed Quake skill employs a large hook that is flung at the ground to damage enemies. As the ground flips over, huge rocks shoot up to the sky with a large explosion. The rocks are then wrapped around the hook and slammed down to the ground.

For the Striker awakening, the Male Fighter can experience an increase in the duration of his Suju Inferno while decreasing the MP cost of Striker skills while using it. This skill calls upon hellfire to decrease cooldowns and delays for Striker skills, and increase attack strength and enemy immobility duration.

Finally, for the advanced Grappler Fighter, the Counter-Strike skill will let the Grappler’s attack strength increase significantly when engaged with an enemy. But his even more assertive Rhythmic Assault skill allows the Grappler to catch an enemy in a strong, damaging wind which subsequently launches them into the air and slams them back down, creating a shockwave to damage nearby enemies.

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