Attack the Fridge Now Available For iPhone and iPad

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CYGNI SOFTWARE announces today the release of the FREE version of the game Attack the Fridge! with in-app pay option for the full version. The game works both on iPhone (3GS or Attack The Fridge!better) and iPad.

Attack the Fridge! is a fast paced puzzle game which will tease your brains. The game has been praised by both gamers and the press for its intuitive controls and great variety of levels that start with simple ones and progress on to really challenging ones.

Now even you can download the game and play Tutorial World of the game entirely for FREE. Yes, you can try the game for free and decide if you want to pay for the full game later on. The Tutorial World will introduce you to the gameplay mechanics and will allow you to try various traps and game strategies in more than twenty levels.

There is a great variety of levels that require unique ways to beat them: In one level you have to use precise timing to grab most of the food. In another one you must somehow prevent the Purple mice from stealing all the food before the time runs out. There is a certain tricky level in which you must find a way how to use the Recolor Spray to convert Purple Mice to Yellow mice so your tiny team grows in number. And yes, you will need to outsmart or outrun even The Reaper himself in the last Tutorial level!

You may find the Tutorial World levels way too simple for you and beat all of them with Gold Star Awards. But never fear: The levels in the full game are way, way more challenging. We promise for sure! There is more than 100 levels in the full version that require sometimes a very creative use of Walls, Traps and clever routing of your mice to complete the tasks within the time limit!

The game is available at App Store now – FOR FREE! So download the game NOW and enjoy it’s unique gameplay as well as its amazing visuals!

The game is available for the download for FREE here:!/id488586035

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