Next Version of Hungry Yogi Available For iOS

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 Kaenaa Corp announced the release of next version (v2) of its game "Hungry Yogi" today. It will be available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through iTunes for iOS versions 3.1 or later.Hungry Yogi

  • Hungry Yogi has gone viral on Facebook with 7000+ followers in 2 weeks

  • 5 star reviews across all platforms

What is Hungry Yogi game?
Yogi wants to reach Nirvana but can’t since he is always hungry. Help Yogi complete his journey by fulfilling his desire for food and wealth so that he can finally meditate in peace and reach Nirvana.

Hungry Yogi is a simple, kid friendly game with a fantastic journey. It is a wonderful story baked into a game with Yogi evolving throughout his journey. The game has physics based challenging levels with number of obstacles like fire, tornado, snakes that Yogi needs to navigate to get to the target fruit. Also Yogi evolves throughout the game and gets chubbier and happier because he is getting closer to achieving nirvana. When stuck, a one-time in-app purchase of Bhogi can be used to enlighten the path to the fruit. Hungry Yogi currently has two themes. Each theme is uniquely designed with stunning graphics and art work. The 2 themes are:

  • Himalayas: Experience spiritual growth in the highest mountains in the world

  • Jungle: Explore the mysteries of the darkest jungle as you look for the light

  • Coming soon: Maya (magical land) and Sahara (Desert)


  • Unlimited use Bhogi character to clear levels & unlock other achievements

  • 2 current themes - Himalayas and Jungle with more to come

  • Dress your Yogi in 3 cool costumes.

  • Leaderboard Integration

  • Facebook and Twitter followers can win sweepstakes and earn free promo codes

Device Requirements:

  • Any iOS touch device running 3.1 version or later

Pricing and Availability:
Hungry Yogi is available now, and may be downloaded from the App Store. This mobile game is available in 4 versions for iOS devices. There is free and paid version ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch. For iPad, there is Free HD and paid HD version priced at $1.99.

Hungry Yogi:


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