New Pathfinder Adventure Path Available

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Surviving assassins, an arctic caravan journey, bureaucratic red tape, and every variety of monster possible, the party arrives in the far-off country of Minkai with the latest installment ofPathfinder the Pathfinder Adventure Path—only to have their foe start throwing everything at them to stop them before they claim their destiny!

To win back the throne of Minkai for the rightful heir, in Pathfinder Adventure Path #53: "Tide of Honor" the party must win the hearts and minds of restless Minkans struggling under the despotic rule of the Jade Regent. A spiral of ever-increasing demands, done in the name of the emperor but in truth sating the Jade Regent’s need for power has sparked some into open defiance. Outraged, the dissidents have fled to northern Minkai, and whispers say the Regent is mobilizing his forces to crush them before they can gain any further support among the citizens. Time is running out for the rebels, but with the aid of a few good adventurers, they might be able to turn the tide and make a stand against the Jade Regent!

Dealing with cruel bandits preying upon common folk, gaining the aid of outcast warriors ready to take up arms in the name of a true heir, and impressing influential people—these are just some of the tasks that await the party in the fifth part of Jade Regent Adventure Path! Unfortunately for them, the Jade Regent isn’t likely to stop the relentless wave of assassins determined to eliminate the heir (and any PCs that stand in their way) before they reach the capital city of Kasai. Not willing to take any more chances, the Regent has called in allies of his own—ones that will not be swayed by the threat of death or eternal oblivion!

Check out the rest of the Jade Regent Adventure Path here, and check out the Dragon Empires Gazetteer and Dragon Empires Primer to bring the nation of Minkai to life!



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