The Sims Social Infographic Shows off Great Stats

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With millions of players every day, The Sims Social is one of the most popular destinations for Facebook users.  EA and Playfish, the companies behind The Sims Social, have created an The Sims Socialinfographic highlighting player trends and interactions, which compare how Sims in The Sims Social stack up to the general public.

For example:

  • More than 70 million players have confessed their physical attraction to another Sim in The Sims Social compared to the 54 million single Americans who have yet to make a move. The Sims know the way to each other’s hearts.

  • Sims ‘woohoo’ 680,000 times per day—that’s significantly more action than the amount of times the average man thinks about sex.

  • An estimated 11 million dirty jokes have been told in The Sims Social, which is enough to tell a dirty joke to every person in Sweden. Don’t worry, the jokes are told in Simlish!

  • The most coveted personality trait in The Sims Social is Great Kisser! More people wanted to be an amazing kisser more than the desire to move like a ninja or have a super steel bladder!

For more, check out the attached infographic (also pasted below) for The Sims Social, and log in today to play one of the world’s most popular Facebook games!

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