Emperor – The Dynasty Kaiser Is Now Available On iTunes and App Store

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EMPEROR - KAISER (Emperor - The Dynasty) is now available on the iTunes and App-Store for 3.99USD / 2.49GBP / 2.99 EUR. Emperor The Dynasty

EMPEROR - KAISER (Emperor - The Dynasty) is a turn-based strategy game set in the middle ages, in which you assume control of a German prince. You will be busy with diverse tasks, such as constructing fields, erecting markets and deploying armies. In order to extend your own empire you must conscript armies and lead them to enemy provinces. However the contentment of your people, which is held in balance by the skilful allotment of food, decreases through wars and violence. Leading your empire to the top may bring you new titles or maybe even the imperial crown! 


  • Build your own Empire 

  • Map of Europe includes 80 provinces 

  • Build mills, barracks and foundries 

  • Defend your land with soldiers and cannons 

  • HotSeat-Multiplayer for up to 4 players 

  • Multilanguage version (englisch and german) 

EMPEROR - KAISER (Emperor - The Dynasty): iPad-Version (US-Shop) 

EMPEROR - KAISER (Emperor - The Dynasty): Mac-Version (US-Shop)


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