Jump Out 1.7.5 Offers New Rewards For Achievements

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Now you can finally forget about the common and stereotypical perception of achievements as small medals in your Game Center. For the first time in the history of iOS games, the latest Jump Out! For iOSversion of Jump Out! introduces a totally new principle and philosophy of achievements.

From now on, when you earn an achievement, you do not just get a medal and points – you also unlock a new game level with unique game mechanics that correspond to the achievement you received. Each bonus level lets you sacrifice everything to get a trophy. Therefore, from that point on, unlocking each new achievement becomes a key to getting even more fun from the game.

Let’s say, for instance, that you played for over an hour straight and won an Oldman achievement. Since playing for an hour straight isn’t much of a problem, you will be rewarded with a unique level where you need only wait while your character slowly rolls from room to room, until it reaches the precious trophy. In another example: you killed 250 characters throughout the game, and so you win a Tyrant achievement. In this case, you will be granted access to a special level that can be completed only if you lay a carpet made of tiny corpses of your characters over sharp nails and use it to roll to the trophy (this is by far the cruelest achievement in the game!).

Each achievement is accompanied by a funny illustration, that, when combined with its name, serves as a hint in beating the corresponding level.

For each achievement you earn, you will receive only one level from the Trophy Room pack. Each of the 30 achievements and 30 new levels is absolutely unique and some of the really tough ones will definitely require players to take a non-standard approach.



App Store link - http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jump-out/id431264743?mt=8


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