WakFu Set to Chop Through to Release on Leap Day

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WAKFU makers Ankama Group, have announced the official release date for the MMORPG.Wakfu set for feb 29th launch
Almost 8 years after the launch of DOFUS, Ankama is launching a second massively multiplayer online game set in the same universe. Whilst WAKFU retains some of the basic features seen in DOFUS, gameplay is governed by player responsibility this time around, and the familiar comic and strategic aspects of DOFUS are accompanied by exclusive political and environmental elements.

In WAKFU, only the players can decide what will happen to their world.
Choose a Nation, defend it, conquer territories, vote, respect laws (or not), become Governor… Everything is down to the players. They’ll have to deal with the consequences of their choices, politically speaking but also in terms of the ecosystem. Will they choose to preserve their natural resources or exploit them? And what impact will each player’s decisions have on the evolution of their character and their Nation…?
In WAKFU, the economy is managed entirely by the players.
The exchange, purchase and sale of items will take place between players alone (with no NPCs involved). To make this system possible, sixteen professions are available to players. You’ll have to juggle mastering recipes, managing your network of suppliers effectively and setting fair prices if you want to become a top merchant!

WAKFU is a transmedia project comprising an animated series, video games, a card game and comics. The setting is the Wakfu Era, 1,000 years after the start of the Dofus Age. The series (which has already gained 1 million viewers) and the online games offer multiple ways for fans to experience the evolution of this world created by Ankama. Following on from its predecessor DOFUS, WAKFU transports players into a world filled with magic and humour. For more information, please visit the official WAKFU site (www.WAKFU.com).

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