Prototype 2 Rewarding Early Adopters with Free DLC

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The new trend in gaming - giving some special Free DLC for those that buy the game early - is continuing to gain steam. First 38 Studios announced this would happen with Kingdoms of  prototype 2 free dlc if you buy earlyAmalur: Reckoning and now Radical Entertainment has revealed similar plans for Prototype 2.

Radical Entertainment is offering a feature called Radnet which will give extra content, free, to those who purchase the game early based on a limited number of launch copies that will be marked as "The Radnet Edition."

Picking up that specific edition will get you a code that will allow access to additional content. This seems to be the new thing in games to help fight second hand game sales. It also seems to be part of a shift away from extra content for pre-orders which then would be released free later. Now they’re offering it free to those who buy early and will probably charge those who pick up the game later or second hand for it.

The content includes around 55 pieces of content including in-game events and challenges, avatar items, dynamic themes and behind-the-scenes videos. If you don’t buy early enough, i.e. they run out of Radnet Editions before you do, then you are being penalized for not having the money at launch time, not buying quickly enough or not being decisive enough.

That doesn’t sound totally fair now does it?

Ken Rosman, Radical Entertainment Studio Head said, "We think this is great because we’re giving our fans hours of additional gameplay outside Prototype 2’s main narrative, and cool rewards - all delivered weekly following the game’s launch."

Apparently, they didn’t take into account the fact that some of their fans might not be able to splurge on the game right at launch. Shame on them.

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