Dragon`s Dogma Retail Comes with Code for Resident Evil 6 Demo

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Along with the fact that Dragon`s Dogma will be released on May 22nd in North America, and May 25th in Europe, came the news that there will be a special code in the retail packs.

Those who purchase Dragon’s Dogma at retail will receive a redeemable download token for the Resident Evil 6 demo, which they will be able to try out on July 3rd for Xbox 360, or dragons dogma launches in May, comes with RE6 demo codeSeptember 4th (NA/JPN)/September 5th (EU) for PS3. 

Dragon`s Dogma features a unique "Pawn System," wherein the player character is accompanied by up to three AI-controlled partners. Players can create and customize their own Pawns, then share them with other players online, in addition to the thousands of ready-made Pawns included on disc.

Those who want to pre-order Dogma can enjoy any of the following pre-order initiatives:

-GameStop is offering the ‘Pawn Upgrade Pack,’ which will give players additional Rift Crystals allowing them to "rent" higher-level Pawns from the game’s outset.

-The ‘Armor Upgrade Pack’ offered through Best Buy and the ‘Weapon Upgrade Pack’ from Amazon.com will deliver higher level armor and weapons respectively giving players a real advantage when tackling the toughest of enemies. Check your local retailers for details.

On top of all this, Capcom will be supporting Dragon’s Dogma post launch with a comprehensive suite of downloadable content including additional quests as well as weapon and armor upgrades.

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