Hunt the Thing For A Chance to Win the MacReady Mothership

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NEVERDIE Studios today announced it has launched a unique, in-game event for players of its recently released massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), Hunt The Thing. This Hunt the ThingSandbox MMOG is inspired by Universal Pictures’  thriller The Thing, available on Blu-ray January 31st. The game was developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing.

Starting today players hunting the THING will be able to tally their highest loot per month from a single THING kill to create a combined high Score to compete to win the MacReady Mothership. Full event details can be found at the forum at

The MacReady Mothership can be used to ferry passengers for a fee between multiple virtual worlds within Entropia Universe, the leading real cash virtual world platform. The Mothership can travel at warp speed, summon avatar passengers from planet side, provide interstellar docking for fighters and other small spacecraft and features multiple gunner bays that can be manned by individual players wishing to hunt for or fend off pirates or other space denizens.

New players who wish to get a leg up with some free gear to Hunt The THING can attempt to locate and assist the infamous avatar NEVERDIE, who has joined the fight to rid the world of The THING.  NEVERDIE went missing when his helicopter transporting a supply of flamethrowers and armor crashed into the ROCKtropia Antarctic.  The exact location of the downed chopper is unknown, but fragmented distress signals are being received via and Twitter @MYrocktropia and provide clues to his location and the whereabouts of his scattered precious cargo.

Powered by the award-winning CryEngine 2, Hunt The Thing presents players with an incredibly harsh environment alongside a mesmerizing storyline that weaves together elements from John Carpenter’s 1982 feature film, the 2011 prequel – The THING,   and the previously released The THING game.  Hunt The THING takes place within NEVERDIE Studios’ ROCKtropia Virtual World, which allows players to utilize the same avatar within multiple game spaces and carry over friends, skills and gear from game to game.

Hunt the Thing is available for PC download at  There are no fees or subscriptions required.  Fans of The Thing can download the game and immediately embark upon their mission to hunt down and destroy one of the most terrifying movie monsters ever conceived!

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