Robokill 2: Leviathan Five Lands on iPad

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Wandake Games announced their first title of 2012, the sequel to Robokill, Robokill 2. Players are dropped into the action where the first storyline left off. In deep space, mining facility robokill 2 Leviathan five for iPadLeviathan Five is overrun by a vicious species of reptilian aliens who must be eliminated by any means necessary.

Follow 3 episodes and 12 missions through 600 rooms of enemy destroying mayhem and action. More than 25 new enemies seek to destroy you and your own personal sidekick hoverbot. Over 30 powerful weapons and items take the rampaging to insane new heights. In-app purchases let you pimp out your toys and level up quickly, and you’ll want to when you experience the blazingly fast gameplay and the smart enemy AI.

With game achievements to challenge you and increasingly hard maps, Robokill 2 is everything you loved from the first installment, but amplified to the extreme. Customize your weapons before each battle and collect all the hidden weapons, cash and gear drops you can. Checkpoints and teleportation nodes will keep you locked into the front lines all the time. Launching for iPad (iPhone version coming soon) at an unbeatable $0.99 sale price makes this the most exciting and jam-packed purchase of the year. Grab it today and defend Leviathan Five!

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