Square Enix`s Sleeping Dogs Not a Kane and Lynch Sequel, Actually True Crime

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When Square Enix first trademarked the name Sleeping Dogs there was a lot of speculation that it was another title in the Kane and Lynch series. However, that seems not to be the case Sleeping Dogs Wei Shenfrom today’s announcement that Sleeping Dogs is "a gritty and visceral open-world cop drama set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong." So it’s the new name for True Crime Hong Kong it seems.

In Sleeping Dogs you are undercover cop Wei Shen and you’re going up against the Triad in Hong Kong.


Sleeping Dogs seems more aimed at the group of people who have been Yakuza fans from the description of the game. Exploring Hong Kong you’ll encounter all manner of things one would expect to in a world of organized crime, loyalty, betrayal and eventually even your character will wonder if what he is doing is right.

Sleeping Dogs promises a wide open area with shoot outs, street races and martial arts combat. Which sounds like a good amount of diversity but will each facet of gameplay be as good as it could be?

The announcement states that Sleeping Dogs will have an intuitive and imaginative combat system which lets players take on whole gangs with bone-crunching kicks and combos, vicious counters and a cinematic set of environmental takedowns using improvised weapons from circular saws to phone booths, incinerators to refrigerator doors.

It sounds promising, let’s hope they live up to the expectations.

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