North American PS Vita Owner Won`t Be Able to Download UMD Titles

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Like Sony doesn’t have enough consumer-relations problems already (along with some serious financial woes), they’ve now confirmed that North America will not see the UMD passport that is available in Japan.PS Vita loses UMD passport in US

The UMD Passport is a service where Japanese PS Vita owners are able to download their PSP UMD titles to the Vita, which has no UMD drive. In Japan you had to pay a small fee to do it but in North America, you won’t even have a choice in the matter. Europe? Who knows as Sony is still mum on the subject. Perhaps they’re waiting to see how irate people in North America get before deciding. Why make two bad announcements when you can just make one and then a future determination based on how that first goes down?

Nice that they waited until just two weeks before the PS Vita North American launch to tell everyone. Then again, they seem to have a habit of doing this. Remember the PS2 support issue on the newer PS3s?

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