Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Weapon Expert Pack Costume Breakdown

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The Weapon Expert costume pack for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 contains new costumes for Zero, Trish, Taskmaster and Hawkeye. Here’s a look at how the costumes were designed.


zero costume ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

Zero sheds his signature armor to duplicate the iconic appearance of Mega Man X, a total makeover that warms my heart. This is one of the more thorough DLC costumes, which completely alters the original model and even loses Zero’s ponytail. The dev team said they had many other options on the table, including Proto Man, GBA Mega Man Zero, Classic Mega Man or Star Force Mega Man, but decided to keep it in the family with this X homage.


Spoiler alert - this Gloria alt is actually just Trish in disguise, as seen in Devil May Cry 4. You’d think this would be an easy conversion, where the team could just pluck her model from DMC4 and be done with it. Not so - Nara-san (who was part of the DMC team) and the dev team had to recreate this costume from scratch. Other options for Trish included Lady and Lucia.


Shortly after Clint Barton came back from the dead (everybody does it at least once or twice, y’know), he decided to leave the Hawkeye moniker behind him and adopt a new super-heroic identity as Ronin (which in turn was an identity and costume left behind by the character traditionally known as Echo). He maintained the Ronin name and look throughout the Secret Invasion, Dark Reign and Siege events, until he was all like, “Hey, I wanna be Hawkeye again,” once the Heroic Age came along.


Back in 2002, UDON Entertainment – if you’re reading this, you’ve definitely seen some of their great MvC-related art – had their own take on Taskmaster. It was pretty different than the traditional look, but it was also quite badass in its own right.

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