Track Lapse Sprints into the App Store February 15

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This hand-drawn game follows Tim, a marathon runner with an overactive imagination. As he runs, his daydreams land him in a variety of strange racing experiences, ranging from a disco to under the sea. No destination is off limits for Tim’s running shoes in Track Lapse. track lapse

Ideal for ages nine and up, Track Lapse becomes funnier and more absurd as you race through the levels, kicking chickens, shuffling through the disco, shooting zombies, blocking rockets, and detonating bombs. Encounter bizarre enemies as you jump and fight through strange distractions on your way to the finish line.

Keep Tim on track, avoid obstacles and win the race in record time! But that’s just the beginning; more advanced modes and Time Trials will test your skills and mettle with new encounters and challenges in each difficulty mode.

Track Lapse features:

  • Beautiful Graphics - Creative, hand-drawn art pulls players into Tim’s athletic world
  • Innovative Gameplay - Easy to learn, but hard to master; learn new mechanics each level to advance
  • Exciting Modes - Play on Easy, Normal, Hard or Insane to train your racing skills to perfection, experiencing unique obstacles with each difficulty
  • Action-Packed Levels - Enjoy eleven levels, with additional bonus levels available, but the fun doesn’t stop once the levels are completed. Experience hours of replay value with Timed Modes!
  • Fierce Competition - Race for medals, fastest track times and compete against friends through Game Center
  • Full Length Musical Masterpiece - Jam along to the original and official soundtrack of Track Lapse, available on iTunes

Track Lapse can be downloaded on the Apple App Store for $0.99 on February 15.

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