More Money and Chances to Win at ArcadeWeb

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 ArcadeWeb has increased the total cash it pays out to its community of online gamers and upped the number of daily winners: 128 winning gamers can now share a total cash pool of Arcadeweb Logo$1,650 each day. That means that for 2012 ArcadeWeb is set to award over  $600,000 to 46,720 winners, a record pay out rate for any casual gaming, tournament site on the Web.

ArcadeWeb launched in May 2011 to provide a welcome alternative to gaming sites that require the hassle and expense of having to purchase “virtual” currency just to win “virtual” rewards. At ArcadeWeb, gamers can play 1,400 fun, addicting games for free, and with a free membership, they can also compete in daily tournaments to win real, cash prizes.

It’s an attractive premise that has caught fire with online gamers: the site has averaged 3.65 million unique monthly visitors in the eight months since it launched, and 515,690 have already registered as members. And with more money to win on the table now, those numbers are poised to increase: ArcadeWeb distributed roughly 10,000 prizes totaling about $200,000 in 2011 – but this year the site is set to award four times as many winners and, importantly, three times as much cash.

How ArcadeWeb Works:

• “Freemium” gaming: Access to 1,400 high-quality casual games for free, including puzzle, arcade, strategy, action, adventure and 3D games, etc. 
• More winners & cash payouts: With a free membership anyone can compete in ten daily tournaments: up to 100 winners and $1,650 in cash prizes are awarded daily, including 28 cash gift card winners.
• All Skill Levels Can Win: Most tournament sites focus on hardcore gamers, but at ArcadeWeb, casual gamers at every skill level can win cash.
• Peace of Mind: 100%-guaranteed gamer privacy and computer protection. TRUSTe-, McAfee- and Verisign-certified. 


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