Gamer finds $20,000 USD in HELL inside ROCKtropia Virtual World

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NEVERDIE Studios, creators of the ROCKtropia Virtual World, a sophisticated, next-gen, cash prize-based game world with mythology drawn from pop culture, today announced the biggest rocktropiaever cash value Find in ROCKtropia’s Hell!  Gamers can mine for rare minerals and hunt Cyber Demons for loot worth Real Cash inside ROCKtropia’s Free to Play Virtual world that Features a Massive Real Cash Virtual Goods economy!

“This is the Kind of Pay off that validates ROCKtropia’s Real cash Virtual Goods Economy. $20,000 USD can be a life changing sum” stated ROCKtropia’s founder, Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs “And I love the irony that it was found in HELL, it fits perfectly with the Mythology of The Hero’s journey of descending to hell to find the greatest treasures”

Powered by the award-winning CryEngine 2 , The ROCKtropia Virtual World is a high stakes playground for gamers, entrepreneurs and cyber Pioneers that allows players to utilize the same avatar within multiple game spaces and carry over friends, skills, cash and gear from game to game.

ROCKtropia is available for PC download.  There are no fees or subscriptions required.  Gamers can download the game and immediately embark upon adventures, quests , make friends, build skills and loot and trade treasure with Real Cash Value.

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