TERA EU Sneak Peek Rescheduled for This Weekend

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Remember we gave out all those sneak peek keys and then Frogster and BlueHole had server problems and canceled the sneak peek weekend? Well, now, it’s on again for this coming weekend.TERA sneak peek this weekend

The announcement on their site states that it will start today.

Starting Friday, 10th of February 2012 we’ll run a special weekend play test. For this special test we’ll offer two servers. Both servers will open at 12:00 / 12 pm CET/GMT +1.

All previously created and played characters will be deleted before this test happens. This test is part of our functional test series. This test happens to ensure a proper launch of our CBT during the next weekend.

Both servers are expected to stay open until Monday morning. We’ll announce the end of the test with a short notice ahead on our official twitter channel for TERA Europe. Please be aware that due to the nature of this test it might end earlier than currently announced.

Everyone with a valid key (sneak peek, CBT, pre-order) is able to participate at this test.

So get going! If you didn’t get your key from us in an email, you have to drop us a line and let us know or you won’t get it. There was a small mail server problem.



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