HeroClix Online Release Schedule Includes Hammer of Thor, Galactic Guardians

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The HeroClix Online team has a big release schedule ahead. Here are some of the Marvel products you’ll see this week and shortly thereafter:heroclix online

  • Marvel’s Hammer of Thor Fast Forces – 6 Marvel HoT figures with new powers and stats, available immediately after our scheduled maintenance on 14 February 2012. Each fast force also includes the HoT special object, Mjolnir.
  • Marvel’s Hammer of Thor LE Prize Singles – Based on the success of our Infinity Challenge Sealed tournaments, starting 09 February 2012, after our scheduled maintenance, winners of Hammer of Thor Sealed tournaments will receive one of five Limited Edition figures from Hammer of Thor. Or, instead, if you’re really lucky, you might just get your hands on a particularly rare exclusive figure… Thor’s Mighty Chariot!

  • Marvel’s Galactic Guardians Preview – Starting 23 February 2012, new Marvel figures from the upcoming Galactic Guardians set will be made available for purchase on HCO before their physical release, kicking off the first Marvel content for our new “Figure of the Week” program!

What is this “Figure of the Week” program? Once the program begins, they’ll be selling two or more individual figures that are completely new to HCO every week (or almost every week). Those new figures will be sold at a limited-time promotional price and then removed from the store when the next figures of the week are deployed. If you miss them during their promotional week, however, don’t worry: they’ll try to make sure that there is some means to collect those figures in the future, typically in the form of Single-Figure Boosters.

Speaking of Single-Figure Boosters, starting 21 February 2012, after scheduled maintenance, they’ll begin selling Hammer of Thor figures as Single-Figure packs as well. Each Single-Figure Booster has the chance to contain a common, uncommon, rare, super rare, or chase figure from Hammer of Thor, with an additional chance to receive the previously exclusive “brick” figure, Ragnarok Surtur!

Because of the success of our physical product redemption code program, upcoming releases of Avengers Movie physical HeroClix products will contain codes to unlock free virtual Avengers Movie Fast Forces or Single-Figure Boosters.

Avengers Movie won’t be the only upcoming set to include free virtual content for the purchase of physical product: Galactic Guardians Fast Forces and Giant Size X-Men Fast Forces will also receive the same physical-to-virtual treatment.

In addition to all the physical tie-in products and Figure of the Week promotions, there will be more Modern Age legal content from other Marvel sets in the next coming months. Hammer of Thor will be phased out as the primary set for Sealed booster tournaments as this new content is released.

Game Improvements

There are other, non-figure updates as well that have been recently implemented

  • Achievement Revamp – In the long term, we’re hoping to completely overhaul the achievements system as it currently exists in HCO, replacing it with a system that will provide monthly and lifetime achievements, along with a fun and easy way to show off those accomplishments to your online friends and rivals.
  • Stability Improvements – While these may not be immediately visible to players, we’re working to deploy significant improvements to some of the core game management systems in HeroClix Online. What does this mean for you? Fewer missed connections and non-starting tournament matches, as well as a more reliable transition back to an ongoing match after an internet connection disruption.
  • Free-to-Play Program – Players looking to try out HCO will soon be able to try out the game without paying a penny! We’re still working out some of the details for this program, but we’re excited about the prospect of bringing lots of new users to HCO.
  • Live Booster” Tournaments – Alongside the release of some of our larger sets of figures, we’ll be trying out a new type of Sealed tournament not feasible in the physical realm. Imagine having a Sealed Tournament that doesn’t just limit itself to a single release… but instead spans the entire scope of Modern Age content available online for that brand. This may very well become the cornerstone of HCO’s tournament future.


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