Uncharted: Golden Abyss to Feature Black Market for Bounty Collecting Help

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The developers of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, have started talking about some other features that the game will have, which are unique to the PS Vita because of its portability.

With over 300 collectibles in the game they’ve attempted to make some replayability for those who are crazy about picking up virtual stuff in between shooting down wave after wave of enemies.The items also tell more back story as you collect items you’ll get locations you photograph, and other puzzles you solve.These items are called Bounties.

uncharted black market

These drop randomly from fallen enemies throughout the game and represent things that might have been found in the area you’re fighting in: old Spanish playing cards, gold and silver coins, etc. To make it more challenging, we made some the items scarce and made some them really rare. You’re not going to collect all these on a single play through.

To make it a little easier to collect all the Bounties, they created The Black Market. This is a NEAR application that allows you select a Bounty type from your collection and send a request out to the Black Market. If any other VITA players out there (in the area where you made the request) have a Bounty that you’re missing, the Black Market will send you a copy of their Bounty, even the rarest collectibles. There is also a sixth Bounty type that you can obtain only through NEAR: if you send a request to the Black Market and no one has what you need, the Black Market will send you a carved Fetish for you troubles. All of these are tied to Trophies. If you want that platinum, it’s going to take you awhile.

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