War Inc. Battle Zone Getting New Content

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Online Warmongers said they would listen to the community The Citadel for War INcand put out new content if they hit a specific milestone online. That milestone has been achieved and so, they are rolling out  a major update to the free-to-play shooter experience that is War Inc.

Some of the updates to the stunning War Inc. experience include:

  • Citadel – A brand new community unlocked deathmatch map, centered on a 16th century citadel in the town of Zemo Zenkari. This vital control point for the mountain highway features close intense combat and a variety of unique vantage points sure to keep soldiers and their comrades team frosty
  • Strictly structured match-making system, keeping similarly leveled players together
  • Brand new, engaging user interface
  • Fully revamped suite of jaw-dropping weapon sounds

The Citadel Trailer

In : PC

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