Two Weeks Until Thor and Karok Enter Vindictus

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Nexon Europe have announced that Vindictus will see two new characters Karok and Thor, exactly six months after its first closed-Beta.

Fourteen Days to come

Karok, the Barbarian from the south and newest playable hero of Vindictus, has nearly finished his journey to Colhen. However, instead of just coming alone, he has the huge Raid-Boss “Thor” in pursuit– and they will finally arrive on the 29th February.

karok and thor duke it out


To celebrate and hail the new Barbarian, Nexon are offering something very interesting to players who have yet to visit Vindictus between the 1st and the 21st February: the chance to get more out of their time, with an exclusive “Welcome Back” surprise, which appears after two hours play.

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