Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds Out Now

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds has been years in the making. Whether we first hinted at what lay beyond the confines of Golarion’s skiespaizo pathfinder distant stars with the Sovyrian gates used by the elves or an obsessed Osirian pharaoh’s research in "Entombed with the Pharaohs", fans have been clamoring for more material on the planets of Golarion’s solar system. The first appearance of a solar system gazetteer back in Pathfinder #14 only whetted appetites for more on planets like Aucturn or Eox. Now that I finally have Distant Worlds in my hot little hands, it’s time to train our telescopes on these planets!

Every planet in Distant Worlds has at least a page devoted to it (even the Sun): adventuring hooks, notable sites, what an adventurer has to worry about when going there. The machine entities of sun-scorched Aballon dwell in the Cities of the First Ones, defending those that would plunder the ruins for its secrets. The matriarchal lashunta of green Castrovel ride on their lizard-like steeds in the city-state of Qabarat, trading in both goods and unusual knowledge. On red Akiton, the towering four-armed Shobhads raid settlements of Ysoki rat-men or trading groups of the red-skinned lizardfolk of the deep desert.

Beyond the warmer planets of the inner system, things take a turn for the strange. Need to sail between the planets—go to Skydock on the planet Verces. Delicate ecosystems exist in the asteroid belt knows as the Diaspora, mostly populated by the thin, bird-like sarcesians, avoiding such puzzles like the labrynthine Vacant Halls or the Wailing Stone. Travelers of the stars would do well to avoid the Eoxian corpse ships, piloted by the unnerving and amoral bone sages, fear the poisonous gases of Liavara, and steer clear of the cancerous moon of Thyst.

Constellations, comets, portals, spells, vessels, and new creatures all await beyond the stars in Distant Worlds.


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