IronClad Goes Medieval with New Sins of a Dark Age Free-to-Play Real-Time Strategy

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The wait is over at which turned out to be a fantasy real-time strategy, Sins of a Dark Age, from the makers of Sins of a Solar Empire, IronClad Games. The new game will be a free-to-play fantasy PC game, we’re guessing an MMORTS since it’s free that will blur the lines between action and RTS games.

This is a major departure from their previous titles which were all in space so it will be interesting to see how the adapt their know how to a ground-based setting.

Looming grey clouds crowd the endless sky. Bitter winds and the smell of damp earth do little to mask the pungent stench rising from the blanket of blood stretched across the lifeless valley. Armies of men and beast lay piled high, a twisted mass of spikes and flesh; steam from their bodies still climbing the sheer rocky cliffs.  All that remains standing is a monstrous machine of war and four heroic silhouettes honoring their victorious commander. Today’s battle is over, but the war has just begun.

sins of a dark age

Sins of a Dark Age is a genre-blending gem that seduces both strategic and tactical gamers. This free-to-play fantasy PC game introduces gamers to a new real-time strategy experience: Commander, Army, and Hero will fight side by side in a unique hybrid between the ‘traditional RTS’ and the popular ‘action RTS’, a ‘Hero-and-Commander Strategy’.

Hero-and-Commander Strategy
In Sins of a Dark Age players join an online team consisting of one Commander and a small group of Heroes who work together to accomplish a specific scenario goal.

Choose the Hero role and you will face the enemy on the front lines as the most inspiring and powerful member of a mighty army.

Choose the Commander role and you’ll devise a master plan for your empire and you’ll oversee your grand army in an epic battle against the enemy.
Sins of a Dark Age Gameplay Features:
  • Experience the new & unrivalled ‘Hero-and-Commander Strategy’ style of gameplay.
  • Discover a new meaning to classic strategies such as the traditional RTS ‘early rush’ & the Action RTS ‘counter-jungling’.
  • Jump right into a design that is easy & accommodating to both new & veteran players.
  • Immerse yourself in a surreal art style, inspiring character design & a variety of maps and scenarios.
  • Feel confident that you’ll never miss out on a match. Instantly rejoin a game or jump into shorthanded games to save the day and earn bonus rewards for yourself and your clan!
  • New heroes, commanders, factions & skins can be purchased to customize your hero & armies.
  • Establish, showcase & defend your personal & clan achievements with leaderboards, stats tracking, online replays, & kill-cam moments.

 Register now at to reserve your game name and potentially win a beta slot!

Beta coming Summer 2012.

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