Astro Math Exclusively For The Apple iPad

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Astro Math, exclusively available for the Apple iPad, has just been released on the App Store by specialist independent developer, EnsenaSoft! This fun arcade game has you flying through space fighting off alien attacks in a fun and educational way, and when you land on a planet, it is time to solve math problems earning you money for ship improvements!astro math

In Astro Math your spaceship got sucked into a wormhole and you ended up far away from Earth. Featuring 32 star systems you are challenged to overcome all of them before you can safely return to earth, and as you progress through each of the star systems, you arrive at a planet. To earn money on a planet you are faced with 10 unique mathematical problems. And for every question you answer correctly, you are awarded money to spend in the shop buying more health or improvements to your spaceship, which in turn can help you survive the next star system.

‘Astro Math’ features customizable types of in-game challenges affecting the way players are presented with math problems. Categories include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and extra thought.

‘Astro Math’, being an educational game of highest quality, recommends that pencil and paper are kept handy and nearby as a parental aid to solve particularly tricky math challenges. It is expected for children to ask for help at first, as they learn to read the problems, and decide what math steps are needed. EnsenaSoft has worked very hard on creating a polished title with a seamless flow of gameplay sprinkled with math challenges in a visually stunning and immersive environment. The game is ideal for 1st through 5th graders, but is enjoyable by everyone and anyone, regardless of gender and age!

In addition to the full version of Astro Math now available on the App Store, the developer has also released a Lite (FREE) version of the game featuring the initial 4 star systems (compared to the 32 star systems available in the paid version). Furthermore, the Lite version lacks the end-of-journey movie of you arriving (safely) back home on earth.

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