SpaceOff, for iOS From Totem Games, Ex Bizarre Creations Team Members

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Ex Bizarre Creations developer Totem Games Ltd have released their first title onto the App Store. SpaceOff is inspired by classic retro games and has an intense local two player SpaceOffcompetitive mode which helps to make it a unique game for iOS devices.

Challenge your friends to insane head-to-head local battles or compete through online leaderboards in SpaceOff, the unique physics based shooter from Totem Games!
Prepare for explosive arcade action !!!!

SpaceOff Pricing
Currently $0.99 US (£0.69 GBP)

- A frantic, competitive shoot em up inspired by elements of classic retro games.
- Two players on one device, battle your friends wherever you have your phone or pad.
- Challenge friends through online leaderboards to become SpaceOff Grandmaster.
- Fast gameplay intensifies to insane levels!
- Simple pick up and play controls - one finger control system.
- Defeat fierce AI opponents to unlock new features and fun.
- Twenty Galactic arenas to unlock, all playable in both single and multi player.

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