Dungeon Overlord Uses Sex to Sell with New Succubus Expansion

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The first of several changes for Dungeon Overlord, Night Owl Games’ release of “The Succubus Stories” expansion vastly expands the initial, as well as the endgame experience.  The company will also launch a companion Android and iPhone application.dungeon overlords logo

Dungeon Overlord is playable through Facebook and Night Owl Games came under fire from its gamers when they did a major update that slowed gameplay to a crawl and practically forced players to spend real money in the game to continue expanding dungeons.

For brand new players, the expansion adds a deep story driven quest line, designed to help new players learn the basics of gameplay.  For the veteran player, “The Succubus Stories” adds massive amounts of replay value with repeatable quests that emphasize endgame PvP mayhem.

New players wake up in the world, to find their dungeon has been raided and pillaged to nothing.  The player, who takes the role of an evil Overlord, is guided by the Succubus and her Goblin friends in a quest to rebuild their lair, destroy the Nemesis and go on to conquer the Heart of the Mountain.

Night Owl Games is also preparing to launch an innovative mobile app that allows players to manage many aspects of the game, from their Android or iPhone devices.  The app is designed for on-the-go players that want to keep up with the strategy and management of their Dungeons while they are away from their PC. The new mobile app will be one of the first to bridge the gap between Web-based social gaming and mobile gaming.

Planned Mobile Manager Features:


  • Event Manager: Notifies players of incoming attacks, messages and other events
  • Crafting Manager: Build creature beds and skill modifying furniture
  • Creature Manager: Level-up your minions
  • Research Manager: Unlock features and abilities
  • Resource Manager: Collect the resources
    Shipping Manager: Send resources from one Dungeon to another.




The expanded storyline, PVP, and quest system are available now. New users can play the game for free at http://apps.facebook.com/dungeonoverlord/

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