Tycoon Online Round 15 to Begin Sunday

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Round 15 of Tycoon Online begins this Sunday at 16.15 EST (Eastern Standard Time is GMT -5)

Tycoon Online is a web-game which plays in fixed rounds of 70 days during which time you get an opportunity to prove yourself in the world of business, register your own company, choose a production specialty, buy ground, build factories, shops and offices and run your own transport empire.

Perhaps you will choose to become a service industry expert, running hospitals and hotels or you’ll concentrate on the stock market alone. Maybe you’ll make planks from logs or fish the open seas for mackerel!

There are many ways to become the top tycoon!

Tycoon Online is a subtle and entertaining game, running since 2003 – and can be easily played in a coffee-break, making it the king of casual games.

Come and try out Tycoon Online USA one of the Web’s best loved games: fun, family-friendly and free to play!

Tycoon Online is free-to-play and is managed by player-volunteers.

We love Tycoon Online – you will too!

You can play Tycoon Online original at http://www.tycoononline.nu

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