New Pathfinder Society Scenarios available: The Haunting of Hinojai, The Midnight Mauler

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Past deceits and treachery will come to haunt Pathfinder agents in this month’s Pathfinder Society Scenarios.paizo pathfinder modules

Set in the realm of Minkai, "The Haunting of Hinojai", sends Pathfinders on a mission of investigation and discovery. The last home of a noblewoman sits abandoned and alone on a hill top, and whether the hauntings are the talk of idle villagers or true fact is the mystery that the Pathfinders must solve (and if true, how it came to be). Many of the locals do not know of the Pathfinders, though, and your agent will have to be on their best behavior to give the Society a good impression for future explorations!

Initially released as a limited edition module, "The Midnight Mauler" has been updated and revamped for play! Set in fog-shrouded Ustalav, the Pathfinder Society has gotten a reputation as graverobbers and looters in that ill-fated land, and what the Society has uncovered in the past has wrecked havoc on both commoner and Society agent alike. An embarassing problem has cropped up though, and fellow Pathfinder agent Ryado Erudyta has contacted the Grand Lodge for assistance—before the authorities get involved, and before more die from the Mauler’s brutal attacks! Whether searching through a quiet forest for clues, or chasing your target through the darkened city streets of Ardis, "The Midnight Mauler" will have your character wishing for the revealing light of morning!

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