Dragon`s Dogma Class Spotlight: Warrior and Sorcerer

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Two more classes are spotlighted for the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma including a physical attackers and a magic wielder.


The Fighter’s advanced form is a hard-hitter in hand-to-hand, close-quarters, and weapon combat. Warriors can also act like iron walls as the party’s first line of defense. Dealing very powerful single attacks, they can cause knockdown to even the sturdiest of enemies, and can deal enormous damage on top of that once an enemy is downed.

Like Fighters, Warriors have the ability to bind enemies, creating openings for teammates may take shots. Due to their great strength and constitution, Warriors are not easily stunned, though they lack the speed and nimbleness of the Ranger, and are unable to use elemental attacks like the Sorcerer.

Starting out Warriors can unleash explosive area attacks and other purely offensive maneuvers. With development, Warriors become more and more resilient, growing more resistent to stunning and knockdown. The destructive power of their attacks will also increase dramatically.

-Notes from Director Itsuno: I have a habit of using warriors even though their attacks are so slow, but they cause more trouble than they’re worth for players who aren’t too sure of what they’re doing. I think the main use for warriors will be to deliver heavy attacks in the opening made by characters of other vocations. Using them during such chances in boss fights can deal some really devastating damage. But you’ll need to know where an enemy’s weak points are and hammer them with powerful successive attacks when you have an opening.

Primary Weapon:
Great Sword or Warhammer

Most effective against: Golems, Saurians, Skeletons

Least effective against: Phantoms, Wolves, Harpies

Dragons dogma warrior and sorcerer


The advanced form of Mages, Sorcerers wield a vast variety of spells. Their enchantments may take a bit longer to perform, but sheer amount of damage these spells deal is worth the wait. The firepower behind many of their spells is enough to cause one-hit kills, making Sorcerers very effective when employed as "finishers."

The high-level spells of the Sorcerer can cover large areas as exemplified in the "Maelstrom" video below, and they can also cause a wide variety of status effects thanks to the many different types of magick they can wield. Sorcerers can also use Levitation to place themselves at strategic vantage points before bringing devastation upon the battlefield.

Starting out, Sorcerers are capable of simple ranged attacks, and changing to this class from a Mage will allow many Skills to transfer over. With development, Sorcerers will be able to recover magick strength faster than any other class, and the variety of status abnormalities they can cause will increase. Though the incantation time for certain spells is quite long, they are powerful enough to single-handedly turn the tide in battle.

-Notes from Director Itsuno: This may actually be the strongest vocation in the game. However, sorcerers need more time to incant spells than mages and have poor defense, so it takes a surprising amount of technique to use them to their full ability. If you fight together with a supportive pawn and fully understand your enemies’ nature and your position, a sorcerer can be extremely powerful. Sorcerers can fight with their full force till the end—but they are pathetically weak against enemies that are resistant to magickal attacks.

Primary Weapon:

Most effective against: Enemies with magickal bodies such as evil eyes and vile eyes, enemies weak to magick such as ghosts, other magick users.

Least effective against: Distant enemies such as archers, highly mobile enemies like chimeras and griffins.

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