Line of Defense Calls for Beta Testers

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3000AD has opened beta signups for their upcoming online shooter Line of Defense today.

Though a vastly different game type and featuring a brand new game engine designed and Line of Defensedeveloped from the ground up, the Line Of Defense game is based on the All Aspects game series by 3000AD, Inc. You know how there are many Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate games, movies etc all with a different premise, tech etc but with the same (or similar) lore? Well it’s kinda like that.

The game primarily takes place on the distant planet called Lyrius located in the Sirius starsystem. Once used for bio and weapons based research, this planet was tech rich and home to one of Galactic Command’s (GALCOM)  primary research installations.

In the game, you can play as either a GALCOM military marine or an Insurgent soldier. The primary objective is to gain control of each of the four bases on the continents. You do this by waging war as an infantry marine (first or third person), on land or naval vehicles and aircrafts (fighter, gunships etc). You will take over bases by either destroying or hacking into and disabling their defense systems, thus making them vulnerable. You will do this 24-7 and 365 days a year on the Lyrius planet or in the space region above it – and all within a 100% persistent universe.

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