Arvoch Alliance version 1.208 Available

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Mar 08, 2012 07:32

Arvoch Alliance version 1.208 is now available for download and includes the improvements and fixes listed below.  This update is required for multiplayer compatibility.arvoch alliance!

  The installer also works as an updating program for older versions of the game.  It can be downloaded at:
Version 1.208 offers the following improvements, fixes, and changes:
  • - HUD pitch ladder updated.
  • - Timed escort missions now complete as successful even if player lands in hangar prior to ’mission complete’ notification.
  • - Support for key/button flight control input for roll, pitch, and yaw while using joystick flight control mode added.
  • - Updates to mission system auto-saving to track player progress for multiple simultaneous events.
  • - AI traffic patterns and directive system updated for utilization of all station hangar entrances.
  • - Timer system update to fix the incorrect framerate condition a few players encountered.
  • - MFD target direction indicator resets after respawning in multiplayer.
  The game’s official website is at:

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