Gridiron Heroes Step onto the Field, Need Kick(start)ers

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The rebirth of a cult-classic with an added twist! Gridiron Heroes isn’t just fantasy football—it’s every sports fan’s fantasy!gridiron heroes

Pixel Rampage says, "We developed Gridiron Heroes to address a void in today’s social gaming scene. There’s been nothing for the American football fan."

Gridiron Heroes is a brand-new American football simulator for Facebook which takes the classic simplicity of Tecmo Bowl gameplay and makes it a social experience. Players take control of their team from its inception, naming it and assigning team colors and logos, before being placed in a league with all their Facebook buddies. There, it’s up to the player to manage every aspect of their team’s performance, from training players and developing strategy and tactics, to managing the stadium itself and even setting hot dog prices.

Fans are encouraged to contribute to Gridiron Heroes’ Kickstarter page, which will help fund the development of Gridiron Heroes’ multiplayer component.

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