Overwolf Seeks to Put all PC Games on Windows Tablets

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Overwolf, a software company specializing in developing in-game overlayoverwold wants all PC games on tablets products that bring advanced social functionality to online gamers, today announced a collaboration with Intel to help make PC games playable on Windows tablets.

“We found it frustrating that while tablets can technically run games smoothly, many games aren’t playable because they’re designed to be played using a mouse and a keyboard, and not a touch interface,” said Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf. “In the near future, owners of Intel Atom processor-based Windows tablets will be able play PC games they install on their machine, after installing Overwolf. We feel that this will have a huge impact on tablet purchasing decisions made by gamers.”

Well, WoW works, but what about those more action-oriented MMOs like Tera?

Besides being able to play the games, the user will also be able enjoy Overwolf’s in-game social features that include content creation, social network connectivity including Facebook and Twitter, communications including Skype and TeamSpeak and more.

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