Starhawk Beta Reaches 32 Players per Map, Cool New Vehicles

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With the launch of Beta Update 1.3 today a host of new content his the Starhawk Beta, which launched in November.

Update 1.3 includes a bunch of new features and fixes including:

Starhawk: Dust

Starhawk: Dust

32 Player Map: Planet Dust


Starhawk: Sidewinder Jetbike

Sidewinder Jetbike
This vehicle is all about speed, speed, and more speed. As it’s a very hard target to hit, use the Sidewinder for quick hit and run attacks, fast road kills, or team up with others to SWARM the enemy base. It can also jump.

Starhawk: Ox tank
Starhawk: Ox tank

Ox Heavy Tank
 What the Ox lacks in speed, it makes up for in pure brawn and firepower. You can destroy enemy walls and structures via long range bombardments, assault mechs with explosive shells, and survive barrages while comfortable nestled in its heavily armored shell.

If you’ve been holding off joining the Beta then the time is now to jump in. The Starhawk Beta ends on March 27th in preparation for May 8th release. Time is short, so find out what you’ve been missing — the Starhawk Beta is available for FREE on the PlayStation Network right now.

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