Kingdom Hearts 3D TRON: Legacy Preview

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Check out this sneak peek at a brand new world coming to Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] from Square Enix, it’s TRON: Legacy!

Aptly named "The Grid", Sora will be streamed into the universe of TRON: Legacy, where everything and everyone is digitalised into 1s and 0s, where superfluous programs are simply deleted. Will there be quantum teleportation, Light Cycles and the Solar Sailer? You’ll find us tight-lipped on the details for now, but check out these screenshots for clues...

kingdom hearts 3D TRON: Legacy






Never seen TRON: Legacy and want to know what we’re talking about? Dive into neon-lit world of ’The Grid’ with this action-packed trailer.

We’ll be revealing plenty of new details and new worlds coming to Kingdom Hearts 3D soon. Stay tuned!

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